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tv   Channel 13 News at Four  NBC  November 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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>> i am officially running -- [cheers and applause] -- for president of the united states. he has not only in the running, he leads in most polls and he wants to use the country's top job to help create jobs. we need a leader that can bring back our jobs, can bring back our manufacturing. donald trump says he is that leader. his plan to improve the economy to put americans back to work and why he says he's the only background and negotiating skills to do it. trade deals are killing our country. we are losing $400,000 a year with china. from who hd, the local news leader. this is a special edition of channel 13 news at four, they iowa forum. here is who political director
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thank you for being with us for a third iowa forum this week, dave price and welcome to des moines area community college on the newton campus for this series that we have had throughout the week. donald trump is our guest this week. before we bring him out, we want to talk a little bit about his background. attended high school in new york military academy and wharton school of business up from there as you know, little bit of everything. started out at his father's farm, took over three years later. real estate developer, bought, sold, renovated companies all over the country. world-class golf courses and miss usa and miss universe pageant and of course there is that little show called "the apprentice". the next chapter of his live could -- life could be his biggest challenge, winning the white house. if you've been with us this week, you know we had a game plan here, ben carson set up for
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tuesday and the brilliant idea of scheduling bobby jindal for yesterday. [laughter] them the night before he dropped out of the race mash you see next to me, there is no one next to me. we understand that donald trump did not jump -- drop out of the race but he's on his way so as we improvise on live tv, he will be here, we are told, very shortly. so if you see a blurb on interstate 80 right now, that is trompe parade coming through. we wanted to talk a little bit about where we are today. we wanted to pick newton for a lot of reasons, really but this whole series has been about talking about the middle class and the issues that affect the middle class. live is free, newton has been in the news because of what heaven with maytag and whirlpool. let's set the scene talking to some of the scenes the plan on make the entire career of working for that company and in the height of it for thousand people who worked for that
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company -- company no ten had a population of 15,000, shows the world how much of an impact and importance that company had. talked with a few who have spent many of their years working for that company only to see that company close up and move out of country. and quite a few people that i would imagine in the crowd from newton who worked at may tack and i have with me one of them, one of the couples in newton his whole live. new york -- he worked at maytag for ten years. give us your thoughts in the years since and right after maytag shut dam? what it's meant for you? i would like to put in also my father, my mother, my step dad, my sister, my brother-in-law and a lot of my cousins worked at maytag and a lot of my friends. when i got out of maytag, he went into construction. when we saw it closed down and watch the town slowly die.
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people had money and it seems like every week there was another empty building coming in. and i heard be just lost this year, manufacturing. what my question would be to donald trump to bring the manufacturing jobs to the midwest. and without my son maytag scholarship mall that is gone for the people in newton. we had it made a lot of those jobs were skilled workers who had specific skills for maytag, without work and no place to apply those skills. >> the people that work for the people that worked maytag, so people were not building houses anymore and they were not adding on. it just slowly went away. there are some jobs that have come back that they are not the same
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jobs that we had at maytag. it's not the same. and as far as the speedway, my take on its come everybody comes down the interstate, goes to the race track only pond interstate. newton doesn't get a lot from it, just the support from the races themselves. you have lived in newton euros entire life but are you optimistic about the future when you look at the pass however long you have lived here your entire live -- life compared to are you post -- come cap domestic? pessimistic, because of the leader ship in washington, the president and the congress. we need to change and i think donald trump will be the change. i really do. i think we need somebody like that. your question for him will be my health to bring manufacturing jobs back to iowa. thank you very much. dave.
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watching across the state and across the country, let's give everybody a sense how many people in the room. we have 350 people or so gathered. how many folks have either work for maytag at some point, or who had a relative who did. >> almost two thirds of the room, it gives a good perspective how important it is, this company has been to so many and what what a shock it was. and donald trump talked a lot about bringing manufacturing job. a lot of you had so many different kinds of stories to share about what happened and how you had to react once those jobs in the company took off. nancy brown, her husband works at maytag for 34 years, step up to this lovely exxon on the floor. explained to us what happened with your health benefits after maytag left him what that meant for your family.
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>> like you said, my husband, gland -- glen glenn workfare 34 years. one of the benefits that he had was lifetime health insurance and when they bargained with whirlpool, that was one thing was supposed to remain with the retirees with the lifetime health benefits. in the first thing that they changed was they took away that benefits. and so we had no health benefits. and i'm concerned because they talked about medicare, running out in obama care, kind of a joke. and i'm wondering -- [applause] -- i'm wondering what he has for a plan for retirees that's really not a pension and social security. all right. when he walks him the door, we will ask him that question,
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thank you very much for sharing that with us, nancy. thanks, lynn. [applause] >> a lot of folks come obviously looking forward to asking mr. trump a question so we could bring him down, ladies and gentlemen, donald trump. [cheers and applause] >> >> hello, dave. how are you. it to see you, thanks for coming. thank you. mr. trump, damper vision today. nothing like live tv. you have a tremendous went out -- winds out here today,. that is something this town is banking on. let's talk about your background if you could. obviously the focus this week is about the squeeze of the middle
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class these days. including very well in your live. how people understand how you probably haven't had a lot of days where you couldn't pay the mortgage, couldn't get the car fixed, that kind of stuff. times where you go into a recession to a depression like the early '90s, times where we really, really, the banks are going out of business and probably a lot of the folks, 1990 from 1990 to 1983, you had a farm crisis and a big one. be have a real estate crisis and really, the early 90s. six or seven years ago, that was a positive in one sense, fire as opposed to a seller. but some really bad times, even if you do well you could have bad times. what about that connection and what it's truly like to go through that. you have a lot of people hurting. you do have a lot of people hurting right now when you look
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they have, 100 million people that would like to be working. and they are not. and i would say, the politicians could make themselves look good because if you are looking for a job and you quit after three or four months and cannot find a job, a group of 100 million people, then there with you a lot of the extends, statistically, considered employed and so we've had so many tremendous crowds and we pad both in iowa, new hampshire, no matter where we go. the number was really 5.2 percent, we wouldn't have the recent activity that we are happening. people are hurting, no question about it. throughout the show we have shared stories about folks who have worked for maytag more than half of the people in this room have either work for maytag over their live folks were had a family member who did. clearly, that was a huge part of this tempers along.
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the town has essentially been able to replace those jobs but the challengecome out the replace those jobs with the money folks used to make it. >> you know, know something about this town because i saw 15 minutes for years ago, five years ago, and i felt badly. you have some wonderful folks in this town. and got to speak to four or five, and hope it worked out welcome i don't know where they are, did it work out well? but i just felt badly. i knew sometimes, but it really made an impact because i've been so much into trade. so how the country is being taken advantage of and how we don't have the right leaders, we don't have the right negotiators in china is taking a tremendous advantage and maytag, went to mexico, and so, who knows, but mexico. just incredible, how does that help us?
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how does that help this country when you have a town like this, place like this that is so great with such great people. and i read, frankly, i used to buy those washer and dryers, buildings and things, and incredible products. and moved out and really lost their way. somebody thought they would save a couple of bucks to move to mexico but it didn't work out so well. >> this town once maytag left clearly, there was no realistic way to find such a big employer like that. as we look across the world, companies seem to keep gobbling up others and getting bigger and bigger and bigger so don't we just see more stories like this? unless we bring jobs back to the country and that's what i'm all about. the last couple of weeks and specially since paris, couple of things, one a strong orders and strong illegal immigration which also affects you in terms of jobs. very, very strong.
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[applause] >> in we are going to build a wall and is going to be a real wall. be are combing to have people come in, believe me. 's -- we are going to build a wall, believe me. 99.5 percent, it is like it works if we do it right. if you have the walls that we have. did you ever see where they built the ramp or the go over the wall, the jeep loaded up with drugs? we build real balls and it will be dumb for the right place -- price come i say it in mexico will pay for the wall. when you are really, you know better than anybody in the town, if we lose now with mexico, trade imbalance with $45 billion a year. part of that is maytag and everybody. this is what's happened so the trade imbalance of $45 billion. it is higher than
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that now but what are we doing? so we build a wall, mexico will pay for the wall and people to come into the country illegally and that's part of the problems that you have right here. we have to bring the jobs back and maytag, five years later, nabisco just announced they are living -- leaving chicago with big plans and going to mexico. i will never eat another one folks, which is a good thing for them because they need to lose weight. but the truth is my think it is terrible for moving the plan, 2.5 built into live plan in mexico so they will make cars, trucks imparts and they will take those parts and those trucks and move them and they will sell them in the united states, come across the border, and who are the people coming up with these deals? how does it help us? it doesn't help us at all. and
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me, take our jobs back from china, take the jobs back from japan. you look at japan, they sell is cars like crazy. we send them beat but a lot of times you know because you were involved. they don't want to be. we don't want the beef, we don't want the beef because they don't want competition from us, but it's like this. if you talk about in balance, you have an imbalance, we send them peanuts compared to what they send us. the funny thing is we have all of the power but what has happened since paris, people are really starting to like my hard line on immigration, which is interesting how that can affect them. . >> we will get to immigration a little bit later, but one of the things he's told people through the audience in social media, they can ask you a question so we will take a break and when we come back come obviously because you made a couple of bucks in your life.
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do to help them make bigger
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from donald t >> welcome back to the iowa forum. on the campus of the three and newton iowa and are cast khmer third guest this week, donald trump. this is all about the economy,
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talking on this campus, we talk about the community college, meschede throughout this area of the state so i want to bring back the colleagues, the man who knows this community college system. standing here with president of. >> -- dmacc. but is an honor to have you here at the fifth presidential candidate the opportunity to host and it means a lot to have you here. there are 3 million very good jobs currently opening of the america economy where employers cannot have skilled workers they need. most of these jobs are middle income or middle skill jobs with high school but no more than two-year community college degree. on the other side, millions of individuals working one or two jobs, low-paying jobs and what they need is financial support so they can come back and take it manage of the training programs that we have to take these very good jobs that are sustainable wage and good benefits. as president, what would you do
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to help connect the low income hard-working individuals to the training to get into a good job. when it the things i see in this country, they've lost their spirit and mojo to go out and go to the community college and the reputation is a great reputation. to go to the college to go to the next level. one of the things, economics, we can talk anything but one of the things, we have to get people hope because right now you see it all the time, don't feel there is any chance. they don't just go to any college, and if some of them can in some of them can't, they have no real hope out there. and one of the things i was hoping to see because i but love to see if they would do it but it didn't work out at all,
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president obama come i said, he would be a cheerleader. at a minimum a positive source in terms of cheering people on but it's turned out to be the opposite. he has become a great divider. very divisive. we have to get people hope and tell tell them, go out and get there, get through college and after you get through college, we will get you a job. i will provide the jobs and i will get the jobs, believe me, taking come back from other places that have them. you make the worst transactions, you know, as an example, you can take a look at the iran deal. a live fire deals. just like that come a good example. we are giving them $150 billion, doing stuff, and more wonderful people in prison that don't deserve to be.
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and that's the way, also. a trader six people died looking for them and they've got five people that than last nine years, back on the battlefield trying to kill us all. and so, we have to give the spirit back to the country. i see it when i go around. people come to my events have such incredible spirit and talent and everything else. sometimes, you will see people down and out and they don't feel good about the country. they don't have that, so we will change that. it will have a big impact. do you have any ideas of financial assistance for low-income persons to pay tuition, books while going to school? the only way you can do it is to start governmental programs. you have governmental programs right now but one of the question i asked more than any
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college kemal over, including in iowa, where three different colleges but one of the first question and the best job is jobs in the end, but they go and they work and they take loans, borrow up and then they can't breathe. and then they get through college and the worst thing to go through that whole college and they don't have any jobs. they can't get the job, even if they are trained for it. so we have to start a program. the one program and the united states to make a lot of money, student loans. the make a lot of money but that, one program they shouldn't be making money with, you understand that, so something very much with loans, especially in the category, yet to get these people bowing. he really feel down and out. can you refinance the loan? >> we are not actually talking about the same group, that we
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will be refinancing. that have loans that literally can't do anything.
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paying it off. financing in this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others
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are enjoying their first bowl today. >> welcome back to the iowa forum and -- iowa forum, you can send your questions for donald trump through social media throughout the day on the
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channel 13 facebook page, #iowa forums. i wanted to give you this question from minds. how would you bring the manufacturing jobs back? you talked a little bit when you sat down and andy pointed out $25 an hour, the concern is it's tough to replace good maytag jobs where we are here. maybe you can find one plus ten, 12, $14 an hour when making 25, $30 come a big way down. one of the things i've done is put in a tax plan where people and corporations will pay right now the highest tax nation in the world. we will be one of the lower tax down to 15 percent. and that will allow people to come back. corporations being chased out of the country because of the taxes and because because of the policy. ,.
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number of reasons, taxes are too high, 200 -- $2.5 trillion outside the country, you can get the money back or bring it back into the country and shows you how bad and corrupt warble washington is for the democrats the money should come back. i think three years, they polled agreed, they can get the money. some money back can. and we understand that. it is a war show, but they can't make a deal when they haven't been able to do that. all of that money, and it will $2.5000. it will be a minimal number. all of that money pouring into the country but when you have the lowest houston, texas, and you have money coming in and you can start competing. incredible people.
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don't know with dave is here, dave "pow" some? dave, standup, dave, look at dave. look at dave. . [applause] and a couple of folks, dominoes, where is my man from domino's pizza? so many of these guys -- [applause] and a few others. do you know, it was very interesting. the whole thing on 60 minutes commit was such a moving piece my was on 60 minutes if you weeks ago, and i was with -- vladimir putin, that was much less moving but i watched what happened at maytag guess the folks, 2 of the folks, four, five, six that we helped out, some had to come out of college. be helped them get through college. just things that made me feel good. but i looked at that show, it had a big impact for me.
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and so involved in people, and, you know, it is a sad thing that happened. iowa has one of the highest percentages of families where both parents working in the entire country. lynn melling has a question from an island about childcare, -- childcare, how do you make this work? jill applegate from joe moyne morning -- from des moines come a question about -- kids under the age of six all available parents and the workforce commit in order for parents to keep their jobs, they need accessible and affordable childcare. for a full-time minimum wage worker in iowa, they sheer annual income needed for childcare for just 14-year-old child. 53 percent. that is over half of your yearly income. that is not affordable. in 33 states coming cost more than tuition at university. in
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benefits and impact as well. childcare breakdown, cost the business $3 billion a year. so families are struggling and businesses are hurting because childcare is not affordable. so how will you will insure working families can afford childcare so they can keep their jobs? >> it is funny because it's not something you hear about as much as he would think. you hear about student loans and the problems, but you don't hear much about childcare as it relates with a case commit do you work with your husband komar you both working? actually, i don't have kids. i don't have kids -- because you can'tfford childcare, right? [laughter] [applause] >> but now i feel better if i don't give her much of an answer. [laughter] >> i do recognize that kids are the most precious resource and if we don't take care of them when they are young -- no come i
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agree with you. i did us that question come i am curious? >> -- why did you ask that question come i am curious. but is just interesting. absolutely, i think we need to be thinking about our kids at the youngest age because down the road, facing the consequences if we don't take care of them. do the companies in town help with childcare because a lot of companies throughout the country, i have been to so many companies with a have childcare so the parents can work are one of the parents can work, usually the mother and bring the child and they have an area set aside in plans. which are beautiful. in fact, we had 2 web them, trump kids, trumpet tear if you can believe it. i have a lot of different businesses and we call trumpet tear come a room quarter of the size of this come all sorts, it is beautiful, let of children there and take care of
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them. when they leave the job, usually come in my case, clubs or hotels, in my case, they pick up the child. they come in during the day during lunch to see their child and it really works out well. but you don't have the outcome of other people have that. but is not expensive for a company to do it. you need one person or two people and you need some blocks and you need some swings, some toys, it's not expensive. it's not expensive thing. i do it all over. and i get great people because a problem with a lot of other companies. so anyway commit is something that can be done easily by companies. thanks for the question. thank you very much. thanks for your questions and channel 13 facebook page or #on
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be. >> welcome back to the iowa forums dmacc and newton another question from you, this one from frank clark and polk city, mr. trump, when is the government going to do stop big businesses from buying a company and then not counting years of service? he goes on to say he's worried about pension. new company takes over and he is saying in his case, you losing your day so you lost everything that he built up there. you want to be careful that you don't get too involved in the process and the system because otherwise the system or the government is running your companies and that is dangerous and a really -- tricky slope. it is a very interesting question and i've heard it many times before. it's not a political answer. you don't want to get too involved with what's going to happen to the gentleman asking the question because you want companies to come in into be able to -- maybe there is a
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they were poorly. a.b. you don't want maytag for whatever reason they leave and no excuses. and so come it is something if you start getting government involvement in fact, he will close a lot of businesses. financial advisor, how are you to prepare for retirement? >> ,. >> the saddest thing to me, the people, i get hurt the worst, one of the things i focus on is the middle class. be of type -- cut the tax rates so low for the middle class. the middle class built the country more than anybody else. say what you want but more than anybody else, they are the ones i got hurt the worst over the last 15 years. over the last 12 years, they are asked to making less money now than they did 12 years ago. you understand that come it's terrible that we have to focus on the middle class and we have
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to focus on that and my tax plan cuts the rates low for the middle class but the people that got hurt the worse are the people in the middle class, and they say coming and they cap saving in saving and saving and the people that didn't save, they made deals with the banks, these people saved, got their mortgage down, did everything perfectly well and now they are sitting there and that got some money with no interest on your money. no money and the bank and a lot of people, and no interest, a lot of the people, the american dream the way it's supposed to be, arc what got hurt the worst, we want to get respect for the middle class, bring it back to become strongest. it can happen and we can do it. starting it off, and a big
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you don't want it. . >> we will do another question. this is another one through channel 13 facebook page. this is from dickie bell. what are you going to do to make sure women are paid equally to men? again, that is a very interesting question, and it is a question we answer all the time. you can get -- give the politically correct temper -- question -- answer, but i pay women in many cases more than men. for similar work because they are better. when you start getting involved -- [applause] no come i do it. i have it. her daughter is going to come -- did anybody ever here, how good is my little one? he is an example and just got a pick award the other day from fortune magazine. and very
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inspired, and amazing. i don't know how she does have that she is a fantastic person. is there something that government have to do. can you believe it's my musing my daughter as cutting cutting edge because really can't -- here is the problem. with you start getting involved with government on this one gets this pay and this one gets that pay, and where does it all start? you could have a woman much better than man, or a woman not as good as man and if you start saying everybody gets equal pay comic you get away from the american dream. i can tell you, a half women, honestly in many cases that are better than men and i paid them more than men. to a certain extent, people have to go out and fight for yourself. i don't know if people agree but once you get where everybody gets the scene, i mean come a socialistic society. and maybe
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obligation. and the attack in paris was caused by global warming. but i'm still having a hard time. we need to think about a commercial break and more
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my live from >> welcome back to the iowa forums live on the campus of. >> -- dmacc. , donald trump come a lot of your questions and we want to go back to the audience, my colleague and this ten diversified itself after maytag took off and went to mexico. wind energy was one of the keys to try to attract that business. men, you want to go down that angle? here in the ten, your husband works in the wind industry. yes, he worked for the corporation that moved into the maytag building. and i have a question for you. what is your position on subs to the four wind energy? i'm okay with that, when i know
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tough business. i think they thought that was funny. . [laughter] >> i will take that. i don't deserve credit. but i know a lot about the wind energy. it is a tough business especially now, oil mac dan -- oil down to $40, very sensitive and very expensive to maintain. and you really, you start working a hundred dollars but when you get down and the 40s come i can see probably a lot of people having problems selling them. has your husband then into the big blades, the big ones? >> the biggest that i can fit
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